The only web agency in Sweden that climate compensate 300 %

We want to take responsibility for a sustainable world from all aspects. Instead of just erasing our carbon footprint, since 2017 we have made significant investments in compensating an equal amount. We think that's important - for the next Generation.

We eat carbon dioxide for breakfast

Through large-scale cultivation of elephant grass together with Skymining, our business literally eats carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The initiative is socially responsible and also contributes to reducing the use of fossil fuels.

How it works

We undergo an annual analysis of our business to calculate our carbon footprint through the Business Carbon Calculator. Then we use that number and offset it three times as much as we affect. Simple, right?


During 2023, we consume 64 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to an area of 0.4 hectares of elephant grass.

Our sustainability policy

The Generation actively attempts to reduce the company's environmental impact through continuous improvements. The sustainability policy is revised annually, and based on it, the identified environmental impacts are turned into action plans.

  • As one of the first web agencies in Sweden, we demand that our server suppliers are certified according to ISO 14001 and that they use 100% renewable energy.
  • Our Stockholm offices use 100% renewable energy.
  • We comply with environmental legislation and other requirements but aim to exceed laws, regulations, and other requirements in all essential aspects.
  • We are committed to improving our environmental work, reducing the company's consumption, and minimizing transport.
  • We travel using public transportation and minimize the number of trips that we need to do.
  • We must work in a preventive manner and strive for climate neutrality by, among other things, contributing to environmental organizations.
  • We educate our employees on how to consider the environment in their daily work.
  • We only employ environmentally certified cleaning companies for our offices.
  • We have an frame agreement with SJ and always choose trains first and foremost as transport when traveling.
  • Administration and bookkeeping is strictly digital to minimize paper and office supplies