CHECK! is the dedicated communication agency in Stockholm that tells stories through digital media!

The Mission

Our friends and partners at CHECK! wanted to change their name from the previous 'Vass Kommunikation'. The reason was to better reflect the company's increased focus on employee branding in social media and to establish a new graphic tone with a more mature character. Generations lead designer Gustav Jonsson Fjällby took on the design task and worked closely with CHECK! to find their new style.


Packaged plugins




The Result

An earthy color scheme and thoughtful typography create a saturated and modern, but also a familiar feeling in both the graphic profile and the website. Tight integrations with social media and great content in the form of photos and text contribute to a very nice overall experience.

The site previously ranked in the top three on Google for terms like 'Communication agency Stockholm' and we put a lot of effort into maintaining the power of search engine optimization, which can be sensitive when switching to a new domain. However, this turned out very well thanks to good routines and the site was back in almost the same positions after just two weeks.

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