A guaranteed score of 70 for mobile devices and 90 for desktop devices.

Probably the only web agency in Sweden with Pagespeed Guarantee

Google has developed a tool to measure page speed, loading times, and to some extent a visitor experience on a website. The tool scans a specified URL and measures a number of different factors. The result is a score between 0-100 for mobile and desktop devices in combination with a number of improvement suggestions.

Since 2021 the rating a site receives in Google Pagespeed also affects its placement in search result listings of Googles search engine. Therefore, it has become essential to test your website and improve what is needed to score high.

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Some technical aspects can be attended to through adjustments in themes and frameworks, for example, automatically converting all images to Google's .webp image format. Other adjustments must be manually corrected page-by-page based on the feedback provided by the crawler.

As the only web agency in Sweden (as far as we know), we can guarantee top results to our customers. We have packaged this in the form of a guarantee. A new website produced by us will get a score of minimum 70 for mobile devices and 90 for desktop devices.

  • Guaranteed suitable technical conditions for high Google rankings
  • Provides a better experience for visitors and prevents bounce rates
  • Future-proofing the investment in a new website

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