A faster website gives your company a more trustworthy impression, ensures that you keep your visitors on the website, and increases your ranking on search engines. Our PageSpeed package ensures just that.

  • Compression of static files such as images, scripts, and styling
  • Image conversion to the memory-efficient .webp format
  • Loading of resources such as images, scripts, and styling only when needed/visible on the page
  • Recommendations for content for optimal loading time

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PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a tool developed by Google to make the web faster and more user-friendly. Using a number of different metrics, it produces a score between 0-100 that indicates how optimized your website is.

We always build our websites according to current best practices and the latest technology, but the web is constantly evolving and new techniques for user-friendliness and optimization are released daily. While there is a lot that website owners can do through their content, such as trimming and optimizing images and avoiding heavy videos, a general optimization can be achieved using our PageSpeed package and get a significant boost.

Below are some of the measures we perform in optimizing your website:

  • We ensure that statistical files such as images, scripts, and styling are compressed, making them load faster for visitors.
  • With the .webp format, we can maintain the same visual quality of images while removing information such as which camera took the photo, where the photo was taken, and what time it was. This information may be interesting for personal photos but is unnecessary when used on the web.
  • Not all information on a website needs to be loaded immediately. For example, images lower on the page can be loaded as the user approaches them. This way, the visitor is not overwhelmed by a stream of resources that need to be downloaded, resulting in a faster initial loading.
  • In addition to the measures we perform, PageSpeed heavily depends on what is being loaded. If you have heavy videos and third-party scripts, they can negatively affect the user experience. We will provide recommendations to optimize them, and together we will find the best possible solution.

Frequent questions

Why is high pagespeed and accessability important?

A faster website creates a more trustworthy impression, ensures that visitors stay, and results in higher rankings in search engines. Accessibility makes the site usable for all potential visitors and provides an improved user experience

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