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An important part of a website's overall success is to optimize it to appear high in Google search result listings. This is a different challenge in different industries, and how well you succeed can be summarized in three different parts: analysis, on-site, and off-site. Here we explain these and how we work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at Generation.

1. Analysis

All search engine optimization should start with a thorough keyword analysis to determine which words and terms the site should be optimized for. The important thing is to find a good balance between traffic volume and relevance for the specific site. Google (which accounts for more than 97% of searches in Sweden) offers statistical tools that show how many times a month searches are made for a word or term (Keyword Planner) and how strong the competition is in the search results.

The analysis becomes a basis for how the website's page structure should look, how the pages should be named, and how titles and meta descriptions should be designed to be as attractive as possible for Google and its users. It also needs to be aligned with the communicative message that should be conveyed. The balance between these is of course important for the site to feel both interesting and relevant to the recipient. We can help you with a simpler analysis, but in projects where SEO is especially important and the competition is tough, we recommend one of our specialized partners instead.

2. On-page optimization

This part of the optimization is done directly on the website and includes technical factors such as the page should be fast, mobile-friendly, correctly programmed, have a good rating in Google Pagespeed, and have a good link strategy. The first thing a specialized SEO agency usually does when they take on a new project is to analyze how many mistakes the web agency or programmer who created the site has made. If you hire a professional web agency, all of this should be set up according to best practices from the beginning, and you as a customer don't need to correct anything. This is one of the main reasons to hire a professional web agency.

On-page also includes texts and content. These should of course be written and tailored based on the result of the analysis. The texts should involve and be about things that are sought after and interesting for the target audience. Make sure to name the pages to the main concepts from the analysis, use them in titles, and repeat the most important concepts a few times. This will take you far. If you don't want to write the texts yourself, we can offer competent and fast copywriters who will solve the task for you.

3. Off-page optimization

This section deals with which other pages link to your website and how they do it. If the anchor text contains the word you want to optimize for and the linking page has a strong ranking, it will give you power in the search engines. For example, if you have a blog about stock investment and one of Sweden's major banks links to you with the text 'stock blog', it will result in higher positions in the search results for that term. If more pages link to you with the same or similar terms, it will yield results.

This type of work can be accomplished by contacting your customers and suppliers and asking them to link. However, link building can be complex and time-consuming, so it may be a good idea to call in a specialized SEO agency.

Our SEO Partners

Digital Dominance

A personal agency in digital marketing in Stockholm and Malmö that delivers results. Agency of the Year 2022.


Based in Stockholm, Gaffla strengthens the market presence of both large and small companies with growth ambitions.


Topdog, led by well-known Christian Rudolf, takes you to the top of Google with their unique SEO process.


Pixel Nordic uses its collective SEO expertise to help companies maximize return on investment in organic search results.


Viseo helps companies increase profitability from Google. Their focus is on working with senior consultants.

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