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Let your customers tell the world how great you are. The concept is called "social proof" and is the new content trend here to stay. Through our partnership with Top of Heart, we can offer our customers a complete concept that takes minimal time from the client. Fixed prices, fixed delivery times, and 110% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Sample video recorded for our website.

Record your customers

Top of Heart is a brand new type of agency specializing in social proof. They help you with everything from analysis and production to implementation strategy. They ensure that you use the right content at the right time and place for sales, marketing, and recruitment funnel.

  • 84 % of the customer journey is done independently
  • 90 % read online ratings before contacting a company
  • 7 out of 10 watch one or more videos at the some point during the customer journey

Benefits of testimonials by Top of Heart

  • Super easy to get started, takes charge of the entire process.
  • Takes as little time as possible from our client as well as their customer or employee
  • Offers a smooth process with absolute first-class service and customer focus
  • Capture genuine experiences from the people in and around your company who has contributed to you being where you are today
  • Helps potential customers or employees consider you as the obvious choice

Sample productions


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