Strategy Workshops

We often recommend a strategy workshop for larger projects where scope, challenges, and technical needs have not been specified in a requirements specification. The result is a detailed summary that is well-suited as a basis for, for example, a procurement. We offer three different types of workshops.

1. Site structure workshop

The workshop is led by our project managers and sales representatives together. This workshop is suitable when there is an idea about target groups and the purpose of the site, but no complete structure or requirement specification. We help to bounce ideas, set the framework, and visualize the design in a sitemap. The workshop takes about two hours.


  • Target Groups
  • Business Goals
  • Page Structure / Ideas
  • Other

2. Strategy Workshop

The workshop is led by a web strategist, salesperson, and UX designer. During the meeting, a deep analysis is made of the target groups' needs and the goals and conversions available for each group. We discuss how the website can meet these needs and create flowcharts to capture valuable information that forms the basis for the website's page structure.

Afterwards, you will receive a written summary including suggestions for the site structure, ensuring a well-thought-out, accurate, and complete foundation for your new website. We will also include a budget proposal for the entire project based on this information, but you are not committed to the project.


  • Company Goals and Background
  • Current Analysis and Role of the Website
  • Target Groups and Visitor flows
  • Website Content and Functionality
  • Other

3. Technical workshop

The workshop is led by our project managers and backend developers together. If the project appears to include more than 20 hours of backend programming (functionality), these need to be specified and documented.

During the workshop, we develop "user stories" to ensure that all target groups have their needs met. We also challenge features in relation to the budget so that you as the client get maximum value from the project. After the workshop, we deliver a report with a complete technical specification and an attached fixed-price offer.


  • Dynamic agenda based on project challenges
  • Target Groups & User Stories
  • Technical Requirements & Choices
  • Budget Dialogue
  • Other

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