Cookie Policy

1. About cookies

Cookies are small text files. The text files contain data stored on the visitor's computer. The website requests data from the cookies stored on the visitor's computer. Websites use cookies, among other things, to store settings for how the website should be displayed to the visitor. Another common use of cookies is to collect information about visitor behavior.

You consent to the cookies we are allowed to set through the cookie banner that appears when you log into the site. To withdraw your consent or if you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, you can contact us by email. When you withdraw your consent, you must open the settings for cookies and disable the cookie categories you want to remove and click save.

3. Visitor Consent

The starting point is that we obtain your consent before we retrieve or store cookies. This applies to all forms of cookies. However, we do not obtain your consent when cookies are only used for the basic functionality of the website to work.

You have the opportunity to change your browser privacy settings so that the browser does not accept any cookies. We do not collect personal information through the cookies we use. In the event that we start using other forms of cookies that collect personal information about you, we will not disclose the personal information to any other party. You will also be informed about the use of new cookies and given the opportunity to consent to the storage of cookies in question before they are stored on your device.

If you choose not to accept cookies, you will unfortunately not be able to use vital features on our website, such as logging in and purchasing products.

4. What cookies do we use?