Stronger visual experiences

A strong graphic profile brings together both internal and external communication into a cohesive whole. It makes both companies, campaigns, and projects appear more well-developed and professional.

UX and user flows

We map and document visual flows on websites as part of the strategy in how the site meets its target audiences and their needs. Combined with a well-thought-out user experience, this creates an effect that enhances the quality of overall communication.

Web Design

Our designers put color and form on all types of web projects. Whether you have your own developers or want us to take care of the entirety, we can assist with design for both mobile and desktop devices.

Graphic identity and branding

A strong graphic profile ties together both internal and external visual communication into a cohesive whole. It makes companies, campaigns, and projects appear more refined and professional.

Accessibility in focus

The majority of our designers are certified in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), for instance, which is an accessibility requirement from government entities.

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First Impression

The visual often becomes the first impression that tells who you are. The profile strengthens and clarifies the visual identity of the brand, while also aligning with your values. To achieve this, a strategic whole is required, as well as an understanding of the relationship between business, color, and form. We can help you with that.


Professional logo developed by our in-house designers. Delivery of vector and pixel graphic files for print and digital use. The user guidelines include logo variants, color versions, clear space, and rules for misuse.

Our process

Color scheme

We develop a color scheme that matches the rest of your graphic profile. The scheme includes 3-8 colors and is delivered complete with color codes for HEX, RGB, CMYK, and possibly Pantone.


Well-chosen fonts that harmonize with each other to convey a professional impression. The user guidelines include an overview, font scale for different purposes and usage examples.

Visual language

We present a selection of images that harmonize with the graphic profile. The user guidelines include an overview and a general approach to image management/tonality.

Brand guidelines

Graphic profile in PDF format. This documentation summarizes the identity of the business and can be effectively applied in both analog and digital contexts.

Examples of delivered logos

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