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We are a pure player in the worlds most used content management system, and we have been so for many years. The statistics are clear - WordPress stands for more than 50 % of the sites on the Internet. We deliver around 80 complete web projects yearly to companies and organizations with high ambitions with their presence on the web.

  • Proven content management system
  • One of the biggest WordPress agencies in Sweden 
  • The experience needed to succeed with small and large projects
  • All projects can be managed in Swedish or English with all documentation translated

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Strategy, design & development

We bring your web project all the way from idea to launched website with our smooth and proven process. With design and technology in perfect harmony, we make sure that your messages reach your target groups in style.

The safe choice

Safety is important when working with Open Source. We host and maintain a large number of business critical websites thanks to our long experience and solid safety routines. With us as your partner you can feel safe. Another guarantee for this fact is that four of Swedens largest banks have chosen to work with us as an exclusive supplier of WordPress services.


Six steps to launched website

With experiences from delivering more than 600 web projects, we have developed a stable process that ensures that we can deliver what we promise, on deadline every time. These are the main steps.

Step 1

Need analysis, strategy and proposition

Together we look at the purpose, conditions and requests for your new website. We summarize the material and send you a complete solution quote including specifications, preliminary time schedule and budget.

Step 2

Startup meeting & workshop

Your project manager goes through all details of the website during a startup meeting. Afterwards you get a protocol and a final time schedule before we begin the production.

Step 3


Your designer and project manager presents and explains the design in digital meetings during the design process. This is a good time to ask questions and deliver your feedback before the final design delivery.

Step 4


All the content such as texts, images and video the website is easily delivered through our platform G-Content. This makes it possible to work with the material while we are programming, which saves weeks from the total delivery time.

Step 5

Programming and technical production

Our programmers develop the website, implements the design, populates content and any included backend solutions. They also make sure that the site works perfectly in both mobile devices and different types of browsers.

Step 6

Launch & education

We launch the site and give you a course to be able to make updates on your own. After that we usually handle web hosting, updates, further development and support too. That way we can guarantee that the site is safe, fast and updated in the future as well.


Focus on relations

We try to be long term in everything that we do. Just delivering a project and then heading our separate ways isn't for us. We prefer to engage in strategic partnerships with our clients, and back it up with our ongoing strategic process. Yearly or monthly follow up meetings, support, testing, educations, further site development and technical maintenance. We add the resources needed to take our relation into the future.


Hosting & maintenance

A service agreement guarantees that WordPress is secure and updated. In combination with really fast Swedish servers, it makes sure your website is set on stable ground. All our server power is delivered with environmental certificates and SLA (Service Level Agreement) for guaranteed performance. We have also GDPR-certified the entire hosting solution so that you can focus more on your business, instead of legal issues regarding your communication on the web.

We plan for structure

We are not your average agency managed by a few "old friends" that takes the day as it comes. We belive in order and processes. All our projects gets a clear visual time plan (gantt scheme) and every part of the production has it's dedicated resource. That is why we can guarantee to keep 100 % of our deadlines and that the end result will be great, every time.


A unique platform for content deliveries

A big source of frustration during a web project is usually the delivery of content such as texts, videos and images. Never ending Word documents and folders filled with files in a huge mess. The solution is an online platform we call G-Content. It visualizes your design sketches while showing a sidebar where you can send in the first content delivery.

Images are automatically scaled and converted to the right format. It also means that you don't have to wait with creating content until the website is finished with it's programming phase, which saves weeks of the total project time. After the delivery we take care of the material and populate the website. When the site is launched you can easily edit and add content through the WordPress admin.

Is that your chair? Come and work with us!


WordPress is a complete content management system, but we have developed a number of addons that we believe makes the experience even better. To work with Open Source should be safe, simple and cost efficient.

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