What is WCAG?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a number of directives to enhance the accessability on the internte for users with functional variations. The guidelines are foremost focused around information such as text, images, sound, code and tags that defines structural objects and presentation of different kinds of content. It can for example offer different text alternatives for visual elements to make it easier for the visitor to listen to the websites content instead of reading it.

How we work with accessibility


Why should you bother about accessability?

The goal with the guidelines is to make sure that information is available to as many people as possible on the same terms.

What does WCAG contain?

WCAG contains 78 criterias divided in 13 different guidelines that are organized under 4 principals: Possible to perceive, handling, understandable and robustness. For each guideline there are 3 testable levels: A, AA and AAA. These are usually used when demands are set for a new website.

Is WCAG available for WordPress?

The short answer is yes. Basically all web platforms can be used to create websites based on the WCAG guidelines. WordPress in particular is very appropriate for this purpose and with some modification even the admin interface can be adapted to meet high levels of accessability.

Is WCAG translated to multiple languages?

Yes, a complete list of translations can be found here.

Can i WCAG-adapt an existing website?

Most often, yes. As long as it is built on best practice principles there is usually no huge obstacles in adapting a site to the WCAG guidelines.


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